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Adventure Stories, Hiking Meals

The Otter Trail

Our Otter Trail Experience   In March of this year, we embarked on a truly unforgettable adventure as we explored the renowned Otter Trail. It had taken us a whole year to secure our spot through Adventure Junkies Africa because booking through the SANParks website proved to be quite a hassle. The excitement of what […]

Adventure Stories, Hiking Meals

A story inspired by adventure

We’ve always loved adventure. There’s something about being in the wilderness, surrounded by nature, that just makes us feel alive. In 2021, we were planning a multi-day hike in the Fish River Canyon with some friends. We knew that we would be burning a lot of calories on the trail, so we wanted to make […]

Hungry Hiker Mexican Taco Bowl Dehydrated Hiking Meal
Adventure Stories, Hiking Meals

Why Dehydrated Hiking Meals?

Dehydrated hiking meals are beneficial when going on a multi-day hike because they are lightweight, compact, and easy to prepare. They also have a long shelf life, so you can be sure that they will still be good to eat even after a few days of hiking. Dehydrated meals are also a good option for […]